Monday, November 1, 2010

Motivation Enhancement

With no race on the horizon, my motivation is dropping right along with the temperature!

Caffeine to the rescue! The tired, sluggish woman who emerged way to soon from her bed was quickly replaced by a peppy, energetic athlete who was ready to run--no, sprint!--those easy 4.5 miles planned for today.

But before the rush of caffeine to the bloodstream, I went to the gym (in my PJs!) and started doing lunges, the slogan "Just Do It, Just Do It" on replay in my head. I guess it worked because I made it through 30 minutes of lifting, changed into my running clothes, and was so jittery I could barely tie my shoes.

4.5 miles in just under 40 minutes on a bright and sunny, though chilly (43 degrees!) fall day--not too bad for someone who's been benched from running for months on end.
Go coffee!

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