Thursday, November 18, 2010


I want to take a moment to thank anyone who has been reading this blog. (Anyone? Anyone?) Well if you're out there, whoever you are, I appreciate your interest in Iron Mom and I hope you will rejoin me on this journey in the spring.

Iron Mom is intended to be a training log detailing my journey to compete in the Iron Man. I plan to document my training workouts and nutrition as well as recap any races I compete in along the way. My training season typically runs from March through November and I usually compete in 4-7 races each each year between the months of May and October.

Right now, I am preparing to hibernate for the winter. I'm in what I call my "off season" or "post season," a time when I don't compete in any races and my fitness schedule is pretty routine:

Swimming: 2x/week

Cycling/spinning: 1-2x/week

Running: 3-4x/week

Lifting: 3-4x/week on non-consecutive days

Yoga: 1x/week

Walking: Daily (usually 1-2 miles)

Meanwhile, I will continue writing Triathlon Mom, a less technical blog that doesn't detail miles and ounces, but focuses more on the journey itself--on how fitness goals coincide with life and how I manage it while still raising my family. So please check out Triathlon Mom at:

I hope you will join me here again in March when Iron Mom emerges from winter hibernation ready to rock and race!

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