Monday, November 15, 2010

Trying to fit it all in

Here's what I wanted to do today:

Walk the dog one mile in my Vibrams. Run 1.5 miles in my Vibrams. Run 3 miles in my Kenvaras. Lift for 30 minutes.

Dream on, right? So with the time available to me today, this is what I actually did:

One mile Vibram walk. Two mile Vibram run. 30 minutes lifting.

Trying to get food back on track too. Reintroducing some veggies was a good start . . .

Usual breakfast--power oatmeal.

Post-workout lunch--finished off the rest of the mushroom risotto with almonds and olive oil. A handful of corn tortilla chips, a few dried apricots, four dark chocolate covered almonds to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Afternoon snack--green tea, small dish of almonds, dried cranberries and a few dark chocolate chips.

Dinner--Wild salmon, spinach fresh from the farm topped with broccoli, carrots, goat cheese, walnuts, hard-boiled egg, olive oil and lemon. Yum! Dessert--small handful of dark chocolate covered raisins and almonds. (Yes, I love my chocolate).

And the evening indulgence (and one of many reasons why I work out): Corn tortilla chips with melted cheese and a glass of red wine while watching really mindless television for an hour.

Tomorrow . . . it's back to the pool after almost three months off! Hope to swim and not sink!

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