Friday, November 12, 2010

Flying through the day

I'd hoped to run 4 or 5 miles today and lift for 30 minutes. I hadn't done either in three or four days and I'm trying to stick to an every other day routine. (Don't ask me why.)

But, as the day would have it, I was lucky to squeeze in a fast 3-mile run, which I managed to churn out in 26 minutes (thankfully, because the school bus got home at the same time I did) followed by 20 minutes in the gym--two sets of 12 reps for six strength exercises.

Food: The usual power oatmeal for breakfast and green tea. Lunch was leftover three mushroom risotto, heated with olive oil and almonds, and dried apricots and dark chocolate covered raisins for dessert. While grocery shopping, I treated myself to a tall soy chai which gave me a little boost for the run. Water and a handful of almonds afterward. Homemade white pizza for dinner with mushrooms and spinach.

We had a family outing to see a play tonight--Peter Pan. (Smart Pop at intermission. Frozen yogurt when I got home.) Peter Pan can fly, and so can I.

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