Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still she rides!

Sunny, 58 degrees, light winds . . . and a great pit stop! What more could a cycle girl wish for in mid-November?

50 mile round trip bike ride today.

Power oatmeal breakfast.
Pre-ride fuel: Tall Starbucks soy latte and a chocolate chip Clif Bar.
During ride: 22 0z water, Montana Huckleberry (my favorite!) Hammer Gel
Pit Stop: Green tea, yogurt with granola and cranberry bread.
During ride: 20 oz sport drink (case of generic brand was way cheaper than Gatorade)
Post ride: handful of almonds and the 12 oz strawberry Hammer Recoverite that my quads were screaming for!

Snack: dried fruit, whole wheat pretzels, cheese

Dinner: Three mushroom risotto, mixed veggies, vino.

(Disclaimer: I'm no nutritionist, I just post what works for me.)

Now what I need is a good night's rest!

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