Thursday, October 21, 2010

I exercise so I can eat!

Hopped on my bike today for a 50 mile round trip ride to a friend's house. Wicked headwinds. 61 degrees max; sunny, but windy.

Usual breakfast of champions: Oatmeal with (are you ready for this?) honey, cinnamon, turmeric, flax seed, blueberries, almond butter, almonds, olive oil and soy milk. Yum!

Pre-ride, fueled up on bagel, cream cheese and soy latte. Once I started shaking from the caffeine, I was ready to roll.

Probably didn't hydrate enough today, but it wasn't hot. Really only making up for all the fluid I was losing through my nose! (It runs like crazy the minute the temps drop below 70!)

During ride fuel: 22 0z water and a Hammer Gel.

At 25 miles, I have a pit stop at a dear friend's house. She feeds me and lets me use her potty; even gives me a sweatshirt when I start to cool down. Everyone needs a friend like that!

Pit stop energy: Green tea, scone, yogurt, granola.

Ride home: 22 oz sport drink

Post ride: almonds and fruit.

Dinner: carrot ginger soup and salad--loaded with veggies, plus cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg and walnuts.

And, of course, my semi-frequent evening indulgence: corn chips with melted cheese. Tonight I even added a glass of red wine :)

I did mention that the main reason I exercise is so I can eat, right?

"I exercise so I can eat, not eat so I can exercise!" :)

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